The art of mediation: Paul Rose

An article commissioned by RICS DRS for Commercial Property Journal June/July 2010


The Branch Centenary Reception

This was held at The Garrick Club where invited members were addressed by Lord David Neuberger, T


The changing face of Adjudication: D Roger Dyer

A talk given on 11 February 2003 by D Roger Dyer as part of a seminar presented by St Philip’s Ch


The Conduct of Maritime Arbitrations: Bruce Harris

A talk given by Bruce Harris in the seminar: "Whither Commercial Arbitration?" jointly held with


The conflict between local courts and international arbitration: Sir Vivian Ramsey

The keynote address to the Branch AGM held on 25th April 2012



The continuing development of Mauritian International Arbitration Law and Institutions: Duncan Bagshaw


The Expert Determination Engagement Letter: Dr G Jones

A paper presented to the seminar on Expert Determinations on 28 February 2012


The Expert's Role in Adjudication by Mark Hackett

A paper del;ivered to the London Branch seminar on Construction Adjudication held at DWF LLP on W


The interface between ADR and the Courts

The interface between ADR and the Courts by Margaret Bickford-Smith QC


The legal regimes for the enforcement of International Arbitral Awards in sub-Sahara Africa: Dr Emilia Onyema

A paper delivered by Dr Emilia Onyema on 3rd March 2010


The Manual of International Dispute Resolution by Author Anthony Connerty; A book review by Nicholas Padfield QC

A book review by Nicholas Padfield QC

Book published in 2007 


The Role of African Courts in Arbitration; Dr Emilia Onyema

A paper delivered by Dr Emilia Onyema to the seminar; "Trends in Arbitration in Africa" delivered


The Role of the Adjudicator as Dispute Resolver by Lindy Patterson QC

A Paper delivered to the London Branch Adjudication seminar held at DWF LLP on Wednesday 22 Febru


The UNCC Mass Claims and Dispute Resolution Generally. By John Tackaberry QC

Paper for the Seminar on Compensation Claims held on 17 November 2016


The Use of Bi-Lateral Investment Treatis to recover compensation for Losses suffered during Conflicts. By Charles Calypoole

Paper delivered for Seminar on Compensation Claims on 17 November 2016


Tomlinson : Keynote Address by the Rt Hon. Lord Justice Tomlinson given at the Branch AGM on Monday 27th April 2015


Trust Arbitration: A new Dawn: Toby Graham

A talk for the seminar entitled:

"ADR in Trust and Estates Disputes" 


US and UK Perspectivesin Mediation; A talk by Michael Madden


US/UK perspectives and mediation in international arbitration 4th July 2012

A paper by Michael Madden delivered at the 9th Annual Mediation Seminar on 4th July 2012 


What can London Maritime and Commercial Arbitration learn from one another: Simon Kverndal QC

From "Whither Commercial Arbitration ?" A joint seminar with LMAA