Cutting edge business requires cutting edge solutions. Can Arbitration keep pace?

Thu, 29/06/2006

Joseph Wan, Peter Aeberli, Hilary Heilbron QC

"The party in person" - A joint event with the Adjudication Society

Thu, 11/05/2006

HH Judge Anthony Thornton QC, David Goyder

AGM and keynote address

Tue, 25/04/2006

The Right Hon. Sir Brian Neill

This House believes that Courts should have the power to order parties to mediation

Wed, 29/03/2006

Chair: The Hon Mr Justice Anthony Colman: Professor Karl Mackie, David Richbell, Philip Naughton QC, Jane Andrewartha.

Experts in Mediation hearings ?

Wed, 12/01/2005

Michael Cohen