4th Annual Mediation Seminar

Wed, 20/06/2007

Jane Andrewartha, Sir Anthony Colman, David Cornes

Deciding on the right dispute resolution process: Arbitration, Mediation or an alternative way of resolution. The first in a series of six lectures examining the diapute resolution process

Wed, 23/05/2007

Paul Darling QC, Phillip Howell-Richardson, Justin Michaelson

Experts in Arbitration: A co-meeting with the Expert Witness Institute

Tue, 15/05/2007

Chair; Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC Kay Linnell, Steven Friel.

Arbitration Surgery

Sat, 12/05/2007

Tony Canham

AGM with keynote address

Wed, 25/04/2007

Dame Elizabeth Gloster

Award precision - flexibility of progress. A forward look at possible provisions for future dispute management

Tue, 27/03/2007

Chair: Mr Justice Colman; Arthur Marriott QC, Ron Baden-Hellard

Are restrictive covenants in sport justified ?

Mon, 27/11/2006

Chair: The Rt. Hon Sir Philip Otton: Keynote speaker: Michael Forbes Smith. Speakers: John Jarvis QC, Christopher Harris, Charles Fling QC, Andrew Hunter

Branch Annual Dinner

Wed, 15/11/2006

Sir Oliver Popplewell

ADR in the Insurance Sector

Wed, 25/10/2006

Chair: The Rt. Hon Sir Anthony Evans: Jeremy Lack, John Lockey, Bill Rendall, James Turner

The role International Arbitration can play in developing trade and investment with Eastern Europe

Thu, 07/09/2006

Professor Kaj Hob, Mannheimer Swartling, Ivaylo Dermendjiev, Gerard Sander