The London Branch operates in accordance with the CIArb Branch Model Rules, found at Appendix 4 of the CIArb Regulations.

Under the Branch Model Rules, the Branch Committee consists of up to 15 elected members and two ex officio members (the Immediate Past Chair and the Young Members Group Representative). The Branch Committee can also co-opt up to three additional members if needed.

The London Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in April each year and one-third of the elected members of the Branch Committee must retire at the AGM. Elections are held to replace the members who have retired. Details of the election are sent out to Branch members in February. Any member of the Branch can stand for election, and they must be nominated by two other members of the Branch. For more details please contact the Honorary Secretary of the Branch.

The Branch officers are elected by the Branch Committee annually, directly after the AGM. These are: the Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.

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