Dispute resolution and the path to net-zero: How can you play your part?


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14th Jun 2022
18:00 - 20:00
Ashurst, London Fruit & Wool Exchange 1 Duval Square, London E1 6PW

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Governments, companies, and investors are embracing the imperative for urgent climate action and are setting goals to achieve net-zero emissions. Achieving net-zero by 2050 will require extensive changes to the energy and land-use systems that produce the world’s emissions: power, industry, mobility, buildings, agriculture, and forestry and other land use. The required rapid and far-reaching transition is giving rise to new investments and contracts, requiring investors and other contracting parties to manage and allocate risk, as far as possible, within their contracts and to reinforce that through appropriate and effective dispute resolution mechanisms.

The CIArb London Branch in partnership with Ashurst LLP invites you to explore how you as a dispute resolver assist in the energy transition. This is a hybrid event, with options to attend in person or virtually via zoom.


Tuesday 14 June

6:00pm – 7:30pm BST

Followed by a drinks reception

Introduction by: Karina Albers, FCIArb Chair of CIArb London Branch

Moderator: Shobana Iyer, FCIArb, Swan Chambers


  • Thomas Karalis, Ashurst LLP
  • Wendy Miles QC, Twenty Essex
  • Annette Magnussen, Climate Change Counsel
  • Matthew Saunders, Ashurst LLP

This event is free to attend, pre-registration is required.

Register here:

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Virtual: https://ashurst.zoom.us/webina...

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