Art and the Metaverse: Unravelling the Legal Palette


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6th Jun 2023
13:30 - 18:30
Bird & Bird 12 New Fetter Lane London EC4A 1JP

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Arts hold immense significance for society, playing a pivotal role in shaping our collective experiences, fostering cultural identity, illustrating historic events, teaching us about humanity, and enriching human spirit and wellbeing.

Join us at this hybrid event, kindly hosted by Bird & Bird, where we delve into the captivating realm of art and the Metaverse. We set to explore the dynamic interplay between digital landscapes and artistic expression, shedding light on the multifaceted legal challenges and opportunities that arise in this evolving virtual domain.

In addition to keynote speeches, our event comprises three captivating panels that will unravel the intriguing relationship between art and the Metaverse.

Panel 1: Metaverse Metamorphosis: How the Metaverse Empowers Artistic ExpressionWe embark on a journey to understand how artists harness the vast potential of the Metaverse as a boundless canvas for their imagination; but also how the art landscape is evolving with the Metaverse for the benefit of society.Panellists will share insights into the innovative ways artists leverage immersive technologies, virtual environments, and interactive platforms to create awe-inspiring digital artworks for the wider benefit of communities.

Panel 2: Metaverse Legality: Navigating the Intersection of Art and Law in the Metaverse.

As the virtual universe expands and gains prominence, legal frameworks have to adapt and align to accommodate these complex dynamics. Our esteem panel of legal experts will discuss the unique legal challenges presented by the Metaverse. This immersive digital universe defies traditional legal frameworks, demanding innovative approaches to intellectual property rights, privacy concerns, jurisdictional complexities, regulatory concerns to virtual asset ownership and transactions. We discuss the legal landscape to explore the delicate balance between fostering innovation and protecting the rights and interests of artists, creators and participants within this vibrant virtual ecosystem.

Panel 3: Navigating disputes in the virtual world: Dispute Resolution in the Metaverse’s Artistic Landscape. As this transformative digital frontier expands, conflicts may arise, calling for effective mechanisms to resolve disputes in this unique context. Our distinguished panel will explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding dispute resolution within the Metaverse. From decentralised governance models and smart contracts mechanisms to virtual arbitration and blockchain based solutions, we will delve into the innovative approaches aimed at ensuring fairness, transparency, efficiency and equitable resolution of conflicts within this immersive digital realm.

The event serves as a catalyst for the convergence of art, technology and law, igniting engaging discussions and fostering collaboration among legal, dispute resolution professionals, artists, creators, scholars and industry leaders. Together, we endeavour to navigate the legal complexities of the Metaverse, shaping an inclusive and sustainable artistic landscape that not only stimulates creativity but also protects the rights and interests of all.

We will unravel the legal tapestry woven within the Metaverse, exploring how artists utilise this transformative digital realm for the betterment of society, examining the unique legal challenges it poses, and delving into mechanisms of efficient dispute resolution. Together, we aim to chart a course towards a harmonious and legally sound future where art and the Metaverse thrive in tandem.

This is a joint event with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Ciarb) London Branch, the Society of Computers and Law sponsored by Bird & Bird and Swan Chambers


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Event Programme - Art and the Metaverse: Unravelling the Legal Palette

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