Ciarb London Branch Committee Election Candidates

Ciarb London Branch Committee Election Candidates

Posted 22nd Mar, 2024

Dear Members,

The Branch Committee elections are underway and we have received seven valid nominations. Election will open on 25th March 2024 when you will receive an email with a link for electronic voting. There are five spaces and seven candidates. Each member will have up to five votes and may only give one vote to each candidate. You can meet the candidates here and on our linkedin account.

We wish all the nominees the best of luck for the elections.

Tope Adeyemi 2024 CV and Manifesto

Carlos Carvalho CV Ciarb

Election Manifesto Carlos Carvalho

Shobana Iyer Manifesto CI Arb Final

Sue Kim CV and Manifesto

Natalia Otlinger Arbitration CV 18 03 2024

Natalia M Otlinger Statement 18 03 2024

CI Arb CV Glenda Vencatachellum 2024


Julian Wilkins Summary Curriculum Vitae 18 3 24

Julian Wilkins Manifesto 18 3 24

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