Webinar - Award Writing Perspectives – Making an award work

Ciarb London Branch held a webinar on award writing.

Posted 13th Apr, 2023

On 12 April 2023, Ciarb London Branch held an evening webinar on award writing - "Award Writing Perspectives – Making an award work".

The idea behind the webinar was to consider, from different perspectives, the topic of what it takes to make an arbitral award really work. Leading arbitration professionals on the panel - Tope Adeyemi (33 Bedford Row Chambers), Ashwita Ambast (Permanent Court of Arbitration), Perenami Momodu (Aelex) and Dr Katherine Simpson (33 Bedford Row Chambers / Simpson Dispute Resolution) discussed various steps required to ensure the quality of awards, the common pitfalls to avoid, and the work institutions can do to support the process. Natalia Otlinger (HFW) moderated the discussion.

The webinar started with a discussion about when the award writing process should begin. The speakers then considered the most common problems and mistakes to avoid both from the perspective of arbitration users and arbitral institutions.

The speakers provided many constructive tips on ensuring the technical accuracy of the award, providing an engaging narrative and catering to the range of audiences. Towards the end, the panelists touched upon how to ensure fairness in business and human rights matters.

The panel discussion was followed by a quick Q&A session, following which Ciarb London Branch Chair - Karina Albers delivered closing remarks.

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